mission and values

Our Mission

The mission of Bustin Barriers is to provide safe physical activities and meaningful socialization experiences for individuals with disabilities - creating opportunities for participants to have fun and and strive toward their personal best.

Accomplishments bust the barriers of doubt, misperception and fear - for both program participants and the community at large.

Our Values

  • Engagement. Involvement in socialization and physical activities, interacting with people of varying abilities, enriches the experiences of all and fostering empathy and equity.
  • Trustworthiness. We are accountable to our participants, their famlies/guardians and the community; we create a socially safe zone and use resources responsibly.
  • Access. A commitment that individuals with disabilities can particpate in programs regardless of financial resources or social circumstance.
  • Reciprocity. Each one of us has value. We learn from one another. As a community we grow and evolve from our interactions - individually and collectively.