History: Bustin Barriers is the outgrowth of passion: a love of sports - and sharing them with individuals of all abilities; a commitment to inclusiveness and the belief that individuals with disabilities/special needs, regardless of financial resources, deserve the opportunity and access to sports and enrichment activities as well as socialization experiences in a safe environment.

 Bustin Barriers began as Bustin Buckets, a program providing basketball coaching to kids with special needs. Through a series of meetings with teachers and parents a need for sports targeted to kids with challenges was established. Working with an adapted PE teacher, parents and volunteers, Bustin Buckets began in the summer of 2012 - offering three weeklong camps at Jackson Middle School. The camps generated interest amongst parents. The third camp expanded its emphasis - campers, in addition to honing basketball skills, put on a talent show. For some kids, it was their first performance on stage. Enthusiasm for the upcoming talent show even garnered interest by KGW News which filmed portions of the event. As Bustin Buckets completed its camps, participating parents suggested that the name Bustin Buckets did not fully reflect the activities occurring at camp. They suggested that the name be changed to reflect the broader scope of the program -  and Bustin Barriers was born.

Governance: Bustin Barriers is a non-profit organization registered with the State of Oregon and guided by a ten person Board of Directors who bring educational, adapted PE, business, legal, medical experience and advocacy to the table. Bustin Barriers was founded by Andrew Yoshihara, an individual with 18 years of basketball coaching as well as camp direction experience - including coaching at Cleveland High School, Holy Family School, Boys and Girls Club, Skyhawks Camp direction. Bustin Barriers is a 501(c)3 organization allowing it to write grants and receive tax-deductible donations. 

 Board of Directors:  Barbara Ferre, MD (Pediatrician, Metropolitan Pediatrics); Rhoda Golden (Educational Consultant/Child Advocate); Michael Steen (Senior Credit Analyst and Cerebral Palsy Advocate); Marilynn Rhodes (Retired Special Education Teacher); Michelle Kuepker (Founder, Autism Game Club/Parent Advocate); Zara Tenney (Administrative Assistant, PPS Office of School Performance); Tyler Volm, JD (Barrann Liebman, LLC); Sarah Spella (Adapted PE Teacher, PPS), Cecily Peterson (Operations Manager, SW Community Health Center).