Successful 2018 Adapted Basketball Tournament

Middle Schoolers Got Game!

On February 7th and 8th, High School, Transition Program and Middle School athletes played basketball. Spirited competition ruled both days. Athletes ran, wheeled their way or used their walkers to get down the court. They shot baskets, scored points, delighted their fans and had a great time.

The tournaments occurred at Cleveland High School (Thank you Cleveland Administration, Athletic Department and student volunteers!). It was the 6th Annual Tournament for high school and transition program athletes who came from schools and programs throughout Multnomah County. It was the first tournament for middle school athletes and based upon the enthusiasm of both the athletes and their fans, it was just the beginning for Middle School athletes. It was a great two days!

NEXT UP - summer camps

We're lining up camp sites for our summer season and beginning the volunteer recruitment process. Stay tuned. We'll have the schedule out at the end of March as well as a few other surprises.  

To read about last year's tournament, click on annual adapted tournaments. Let's continue the fun.