A Message From Our Executive Director in this Season of Giving

Dear Friends,

At Bustin Barriers we believe every child deserves the opportunity to be active, have fun and experience meaningful interactions. I want to share an update of veteran campers, new participants and exciting program developments in 2018:

Rosie Returns. Rosie, age 9, is a veteran Bustin Barriers' camper who experiences intellectual and developmental disability, including a congenital heart condition, hearing loss, and no speech. Rosie also has a love for people and an enthusiasm to be active with a cautious streak in learning new activities. Bustin Barriers' individualized coaching provides Rosie with encouragement, skill development and support. According to her mom, it's an environment that encourages exposure to new activities, and suports participation. Another factor important to Rosie's mom is the diversity of participants and volunteers who have varying abilities and play together. Of special note to her mom is the first hand experience volunteers and campers who are not disabled gain as they learn about the challenges kids with disabilities often face - be it running, throwing a ball, communication issues or transitioning from one activity to another.  "It builds understanding - fostering empathy and equity."

New Participants. Every year new kids participate in Bustin Barriers' programs. This past summer we welcomed a group of campers who live in group home. Each camper came with a personal aide. They teamed up with a peer coach and together they participatd in playground activities, adapted PE style games or just hung out together. New activities - new friends. 

We're Expanding Programs. Plans are already underway to offer an adapted soccer program in Fall 2018 and are excited to annouce that our very popular Adapted Basketball Tournament is expanding. Not only will high school and transition program athletes have a tournament day, so will middle school special education athletes. It's going to be a busy February. Athletes from 11 to 21 will have the experience of spirited competition, teamwork and school support.  Stay tuned. Should be fun!

At Bustin Barriers, we fervently believe that each one of us has value and something to contribute. We learn from one another. You really make a difference when you support Bustin Barriers. Thank you for supporting Bustin Barriers during this Season of Giving.

Andrew Yoshihara, Executive Director

Now, let's meet Rosie!